Cummins Leadership: Hydrogen Has Important Future Role in Trucking

A top executive at engine manufacturer Cummins Inc. believes current high fuel prices could compel fleets to take a longer term look at hydrogen and electric-powered vehicles, and sees opportunity for each one in commercial transportation. “I think we’re all faced with the growing cost pressure of both diesel and gasoline — it’s a reality, and for many of our customers it’s about their business bottom line,” said Jennifer Rumsey, president and chief operating officer of the Indianapolis-based company, during an appearance on Transport Topics’ Newsmakers program. “There may be a place where this will drive a shift, where customers will consider alternative fuels and different fuels.” Rumsey said Cummins sees hydrogen-fueled trucks as suited to longhaul trucking, while EVs are more tailored to regional and final-mile delivery routes. But she noted that a broad transition will take time, and will come with cost and engineering challenges.